I am a portrait photographer, I just love to photograph people and their faces! I've been doing this for some time now, and I'm very lucky to have the skill of being able to make people feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera. Every shoot with me is fun and informal. If you've never had a photo shoot before, I promise that I'm very friendly! 


Photo shoots with me are very versatile. I'm open to hear about any ideas you might have. Whether you're an aspiring actor in need of head shots, or a blogger wanting some Instagram shots, I can help.  If you're coming to me knowing exactly what you want, that's great - I'm happy to bring the image you have in your head to life! 

If you're not sure and you just want to give it a go, it's not an issue. I'm happy to help you put together an outfit and I can also offer some pointers on how to do your make up especially for a photo shoot, too. 


Film + digital: £50 per hour* 

Digital only: £25 per hour

If you'd like to book a shoot with me, e-mail millieclintonphotographer@outlook.com

Important extra information:

*£50 per hour, or per roll of film I use, whichever comes first. This is because film is more costly for me to use. Every photograph in my portfolio is taken using film, it is my personal preference and I think film photography, ultimately, creates better results. Digital images will obviously still be of a high standard, but won't have the same aesthetic as film. 

Most shoots only take 1-2 hours. Shoots are of course not limited to this, but do bear this in mind. 

I ask people to travel to me (near Canterbury, Kent). This is so I don't incur travel expenses, but most importantly because I select locations very carefully, and like to have everything prepared in advance (i.e permission to shoot!). Thus I need to know where I'm going.  You're welcome to choose a location yourself, but so long as it is in Kent. If I incur excessive travel expenses, I do ask that you reimburse me. 

I am happy to meet you on location. I am also happy to pick you up from a train/bus station, or meet you elsewhere to take you to my shoot location. If you are local to me, I am happy to pick you up if you're unable to travel. 

As standard I retouch skin in images, but not to excess. Please let me know if you'd like me to leave your skin completely untouched. 

I accept cash, bank transfer, cheque and Paypal. 

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