I shoot cinematic portraits exclusively on 35mm and 120 film, giving them a beautiful retro feel. Whether you're an actor looking for professional headshots, want to celebrate an engagement with a romantic couples engagement photoshoot* or want to live your best life with an empowering boudoir shoot, I'm your gal. 

Every photoshoot is a collaborative effort between you and I. Know what kind of location you have in mind, but not sure exactly where to shoot? Let's have a chat and find somewhere together. You know you'd like some Instagram-worthy portraits but not sure where to start? I can help. 

My base charge is as follows: 

£60 per shoot, which includes a one hour slot; between 20 and 35 final, edited images** shot on 35mm film, and all the planning and prep help you may need from yours truly. 

If you'd like to shoot 120 film (12 exposures), it is an extra £30^. 

I add an additional £10 for every 20 miles I have to travel. 

Additional fees like location hire, make up artists and stylists are charged to you, although I'm happy to help you find all these things! 

*However, please note I do not shoot weddings.  

**Equal to one roll of film. The final number is uncertain because shooting with film means I cannot immediately see the results, so I allow wiggle room for duplicate shots, blinking etc. 

^Price discrepancy is because 120 film is more expensive for me to buy. Sorry!