Picture this: the year is 2009. I am thirteen years old, and my parents bought me a digital point-n-shoot camera to take with me on a school trip. Ever since then, I was hooked. With that cigarette packet sized camera I was taking photographs nearly every day, including of me throwing paper hearts (cut out by yours truly) at the lens in the middle of a field.  


My days of throwing crudely cut paper hearts around are long gone, but you’re still bound to find me with a camera. I’ve switched from digital to 35mm and 120mm film (I do wish I’d let me dad talk me into using digital - turns out he was right, film is more expensive in the long run) and photograph people (and the occasional coffee cup). 


Thanks to my passion for photography starting young, I’ve built myself up a fairly sizeable portfolio. I was lucky enough that uploading my photographs to the internet as a teen garnered me some attention, and without advertising myself or my work, my images have been published in a handful of magazines and websites (I’ve also been interviewed once or twice!), and have had some paid work approach me, including shooting events and a couple of weddings. 


I started a blog in 2016 which has led to me virtually mingling within blogging circles, and I’ve definitely noticed a desire for portrait photographers. Portraiture is what I consider to be my forte as well as my personal favourite style, and I get approached very often asking for shoots. Perhaps it’s about time I stop turning them down? 


So here I am, aged twenty one, thinking: hey, I might just be onto something…  

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